Anyone can suffer from snoring issues. However, it tends to occur more commonly among people who are overweight. Unfortunately, snoring is a condition that tends to worsen with age. While occasional snoring may not be a very serious problem, it can disrupt quality of sleep for the sufferer, as well as those around them. There’s no need to accept snoring as being part and parcel of life – with a wide range of treatment options to consider, see a doctor or dentist about what can be done:

- Conservative management (e.g. weight, smoking, alcohol)
- Facial muscle strengthening
- NightLase treatment
- Oral appliances
- Continuous Positive Airway Pressure devices
- Surgical correction
- The following factors may impact the effectiveness of treatment options:

- Obesity above BMI 26
- Altered body structures (e.g. small lower or upper jaw, narrow upper dental arch)
- Soft tissue changes (e.g. large tonsils, large tongue, inflamed throat, enlarged uvula)
- Alcohol consumption, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, thyroid disease
- Sleeping position (e.g. back or stomach)

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