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What Makes Snoring Laser Care Unique?

We take a holistic approach to snoring issues.

Your treatment plan will be as individual as you are.

When we work with you, we take into consideration all aspects of your unique case. This may include:

  • Anatomical structures—your unique anatomy: the size of airway, tonsils, tongue, jaw, nose, and mouth
  • Gender and age
  • Breathing obstructions caused by the environment
  • Sleep posture
  • Family history
  • The physical and emotional impact of snoring on you and your loved ones

Accurate diagnosis and advice

We’ll accurately assess the breathing disorder you’re experiencing and formulate the optimal solution for you. This may involve a combination of treatments, which are all are critical for success. 
Your treating clinician, Dr. Hany, has personal experience with snoring and understands how traumatic it can be for everyone involved. Dr. Hany is also a dentist and focuses in everything related to mouth and airway. 

You may also need a mouth appliance for full relief—one of our trained dentists is qualified to assist you with this. 

For an overview of the treatment, check out our handy brochure for Snoring Laser Care.

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