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How Can I Stop My Snoring? 

The first step to treating (and stopping) your snoring is to understand what’s causing it. Not all snoring is the same! Linking the symptoms and severity of your snoring is essential for our Snoring Laser Care dentist to find the best way to how to stop snoring.

Why Time Matters

Snoring is just one symptom of your body trying to tell you that there’s something going on. Unfortunately, there may be bigger and more serious issues at play. 

Putting your diagnosis and treatment off could significantly increase your risk of a cardiovascular incident, such as a heart attack. The longer you put off stopping your snoring, the greater chance you have of a major medical emergency. 


Sleep Disorder Screenings 

At Snoring Laser Care, our sleep dentistry team is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. During your exam and snoring consultation, we’ll examine your oral anatomy and discuss your symptoms to help you determine the cause and best treatment for your situation. 

If you require a sleep study, we can refer you to a specialist or order a take-home machine to assess your sleep conditions and what causes snoring, which is then read by an expert such as a pulmonologist. The specialist will also check for sleep apnoea symptoms to determine the need for obstructive sleep apnoea treatment. 

Depending on the type of sleep apnea or breathing disorder you’re diagnosed with, we can discuss the next best steps for treating your snoring. 

Treating Snoring with a Laser and How to Prevent Snoring

Most people turn to major medical intervention such as a CPAP machine or other sleep apnoea machine to help with their snoring. But depending on the type of breathing disorder or apnoea you have, you may not need such a bulky or invasive snoring treatment. 

You can help stop your snoring or reduce your snoring on a semi-permanent basis with Nightlase, a laser snoring treatment that uses safe light technology to provide same-day relief. 

The Nightlase soft tissue laser helps reshape and adjust the tissues at the back of your mouth, which are the ones that contribute to your snoring habit. When adjusted, there’s less risk of obstructive sleep apnea and loud snoring noises.

Nightlase treatments take less than an hour to complete and have little to no downtime afterwards. Most of our snoring patients will see improvement in snoring symptoms as soon as the first night after a laser treatment.

Depending on your oral anatomy, some people do need to have Nightlase repeated about once a year or so to treat snoring. Fortunately, the ease and advantage of the procedure outweighs the alternative of sleeping with a CPAP machine or oral appliance. 

Advantages of Laser Snoring Treatment

•    No noisy or bulky equipment to keep up with or need for sleep aids

•    Sleep on your side, stomach, or whichever way you like

•    Results as soon as the first day

•    A safe and holistic option for chronic snoring based on patient suitability

See Our QLD Sleep Laser Dentistry Team

If you or your partner snores on a regular basis, we encourage you to visit one of our Snoring Laser dentists to discuss the opportunity of laser snoring treatment. It could be the easiest thing you ever did, leaving you wondering why you didn’t visit Snoring Laser Care sooner. 


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