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Medical Treatment for Snoring

Mild snoring symptoms can affect just about anyone from time to time. But when it comes to managing snoring or potential sleep apnoea symptoms, moderate to severe cases typically require some type of medical intervention. Unfortunately, due to what causes snoring, snoring isn’t something that’s going to resolve on its own.

At Snoring Laser Care in Queensland, we offer cutting-edge snoring relief through Nightlase, though there are many other ways to also treat snoring.

Here is how to stop snoring through some of the most common types of medical treatment and methods prescribed by doctors, sleep physicians, and sleep dentistry teams:


CPAP Machines 

The most common medical device for treating sleep apnoea is a CPAP machine. CPAP equipment uses a small pump with connected hoses and a nosepiece to deliver air flow into your nasal passages as you sleep. 

As air comes through the hoses and into the nosepiece, the pressure is strong enough that it forces oxygen through your airway, pushing obstructive soft tissues out of the way in the process. Consequently, your soft tissues at the back of your throat don’t seal off air, since it’s being forced through with a machine. If you sleep with a sleep apnoea machine like a CPAP, it can lower the chances of you snoring. 


Oral Appliances

A “snore guard” is a special mouthpiece that is used to manage obstructive sleep apnoea and can help you stop snoring. It’s either used when someone is CPAP intolerant (unable to wear or sleep with the machine) or in conjunction with their CPAP equipment. 

Oral sleep appliances are snoring aids that work by guiding the mandible (lower jaw) forwards, pulling the tongue away from the back of the mouth. As a result, there’s less of a risk for the tongue, tonsils, and soft palate from blocking off the back of the throat and sealing off air flow. 

Sleep mouthguards usually require a prescription after a sleep study is completed. Since they’re not available from physicians, you have to get the order filled by a practicing sleep dentist. 

Laser Snoring Treatments

If the idea of sleeping with a bulky machine or wearing a mouthpiece sound uncomfortable, offers a semi-permanent and minimally invasive procedure to help you sleep more soundly at night. It’s called Nightlase, and is a patented laser snoring treatment that provides immediate results on the same day as your appointment. 

Snoring laser treatments work by physically reducing the size of “floppy” or enlarged tissues at the back of your throat. For instance, the soft palate or uvula can be reduced, instantly enraging your airway. That way when you fall asleep and your tongue slips back, there’s less of a risk of your airway becoming obstructive. 

 Laser snoring treatments are safe and effective for adults of all ages to prevent snoring. The technology minimizes any discomfort and speeds healing, for little to no downtime or recovery. 


How Does Laser Treatment Work?

During a Nightlase procedure, our dentist applies the laser to the area being reduced, gently reshaping the contour while immediately cauterizing the new margins (which eliminates swelling and bleeding.) The sensation of the laser is equivalent to having a warm cup of tea.  

It will take less than 30 minutes to treat snoring. 


Is Laser Snoring Care Right for You?

Take the Snoring Laser Care Complimentary Assessment to see if Snoring Laser Care treatments can help with your snoring.

Based on these results, we will assist you in obtaining additional clinical assessments that will help determine the nature of your snoring condition, along with your suitability for Snoring Laser Care Nightlase Treatment.   Your probably familiar with the requirements when you need to see a Specialist Doctor and your GP will assist with collecting all the test that are then presented to your Specialist Doctor to enable an informed decision to be provided when you meet.  Our process is no different so that we give you the best clinical advice and options for you to make an informed choice.

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